Frequently Asked Questions

Experiential learning is the process by which students develop knowledge, skills, and values from first-hand experience outside the traditional academic environment.

Study Tours India focuses on a well-planned, supervised, and valued experiential learning program that stimulates curriculum-specific corporate visits.

This corporate exposure program is designed as education 2.0 for students to educate beyond books. This not only helps students develop their careers, but also guarantees thorough cultural awareness, guidance through travel, and other professional and intellectual skills on the go by the best professionals.
These programs are mirrors of students standing in college. The sooner students recognize the lack of reach, the better it will be for their corporate journey. We strive to learn in the classroom and ignite the passion and importance of connecting.
These programs are well planned. It is structured well with all ground surveys.With more than 30 years of accumulation experience, there is a plan B for all programs. Each student is an insured person.

Each provider registered for Study Tours India has special compliance to the path. During the trip, one operations team member is always present for every 25 students.
In accordance with our policy, we exempt one faculty ticket for every 25 students who pay for travel. However, if the 25: 1 student-to-faculty ratio is hampered, we will offer a discounted rate to the accompanying faculty member.
Yes, there is a certificate of attendance for each student of the branch visited during the program .these will be handed over after the tour.
All hotels fall above the predominantly 3-star rating while respecting student privacy and safety. All bus companies associated with us are locally validated providers. Documents and registrations are pre-checked by the compliance team.

The tour manager is highly trained and experienced to solve any kind of problem.
We are one of the early adopters of education and tourism in India. The company’s directors have an engineering and management background, and these research visits were an integral part of their curriculum.

They noticed that tour operators conducted these trips. Due to a lack of proper planning, most often the students traveling had bitter experiences.
The tour operators were more inclined toward tourism leaving students with little or no learning and training experiences in a study tour program.

These industrial visit programs are used as an essential source of learning abroad but unfortunately ignored in India.

Therefore, Study Tours India was created with the aim of providing study tours as a complementary part of their curriculum.

With our beliefs and more than years of experience, we are proudly ranked as one of India’s best experiential learning facilitators.
Email your department-specific requirements to services@studytoursindia.com . The program coordinator will contact you within 24 hours.

In order to get a clear picture of the requirements, we need to talk to the program coordinator of your institute on call. We will share a detailed summary of your requirements by mail.

Adjust or confirm the program by email. After confirming, follow the steps below.

  • University-Industry approval for visit showing the date and purpose of the visit on behalf of the HR manager.
  • Industry visit program MOU to be signed with Study Tours India
  • Industry confirmations and supplier reservations (hotels, bus, tour manager) will be shared by us before the journey.