Hostel: The New Trend

· Bored of visiting the hotels and looking for a cool, budget-friendly and fun stay?

Well, you are just at the right place. Let us take you around a wonderful staying option where you can learn, meet new people, explore, have fun and create endless memories for life.

· Hostel:

A living stay created in the most budget-friendly and innovative way. A hostel is not a large area, but a small secluded comfort space, A place which is mostly chosen by the young minds where people meet new strangers, learns and build a strong communicative network with different fields of people which helps them in their growth and development to turn them into a holistic individual.

A hostel is a stay with tons of benefits.

Looking for some such fun hostels for an ultimate experience?

· Some of the top Hostels in our country are:

Zostel: It is one of the largest hostel branding chains in our country located in more than 35+ cities. It offers budget-friendly hostels with facilities of a dormitory, double room beds to single beds to common fun areas. It is the perfect place for solo travellers and backpackers. It offers a very vibrant, happy and comfortable vibe in its locations, people, co-guests, services, etc.

International Youth Hostels (YHAI): The safest and most trustworthy hostel in our country has to be this one. It runs by the Youth Hostel Association of India. It offers comfortable and affordable stays for travellers and explorers. The biggest perk of choosing this hostel is that they are renowned for providing one of the best services in trekking and adventurous fields. They have been organizing various state and national level adventure and camping tours. A perfect place for explorers and adventure enthusiasts.

Vedanta Wake up: This hostel is mostly famous in the south region of our country. It covers the state of Tamil Nadu and Kerala. Its beautiful hostels are located in the lap of nature, amidst the beautiful coconut trees and dense forests. They are located at such picturesque views which offers stunning views of beaches, waterfalls and backwaters. A perfect peaceful, happy and soulful stay while exploring the spiritual temples of Tamil Nadu and the god’s own country.

Backpacker Panda: This is one of the most known hostels in our country and some overseas parts as well, which adds up to the benefit of meeting strangers from various other countries and learn about their life, culture, food, etc. It offers a wide and unique stay experience. It is said to provide gaming rooms where multiple indoor games from carrom to foosball tables, etc. with entertainment and other fun areas to have fun, connect and create memories. Located with more than 50 destinations in the country, you will almost find them in all the top tourist places in our country and it is said to be one of the very safe hostels for female travellers.

Hostels are one of the most beautiful places to stay while you are on your travelling and backpacking adventure, it connects you with people that can turn out to be friends for a lifetime and becomes a platform for your endless happy memories.

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