An offbeat Experience on Mountains

Looking for an offbeat experience and a break from the daily hustle-bustle?

Well, you have landed at the perfect place. Today, you would be discovering a complete offbeat place in the lap of nature i.e. Himachal Pradesh.

Tirthan Valley, A hidden gem amidst the Mountains, Kullu (Himachal Pradesh)

If one has to understand the true meaning of ‘Nature’ then there is no better place than this. Tirthan Valley is located in the Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh. One can take a Volvo bus from Delhi to Kullu which approximately takes 11-12 hours with twists and turns across the beautiful mountains to reach the destination.

The beautiful valley is located in the Great Himalayan National Park and the valley starts across the calming and peaceful Tirthan River, the name of the valley derives from this beautiful river itself.

How to explore this place in the best way?

· Witness one of the best mornings of your life.

Take a book with yourself and a small thermos of warm coffee and set out on an early morning walk to witness the beautiful sunrise at the Tirthan river. The river is surrounded by pine trees and the picturesque landscapes of the great Himalayan national park are something nobody should miss capturing through one’s eyes.

Sitting on a rock, reading a book and sipping a warm sip of coffee while witnessing the beautiful sunrise and listening to the soothing sounds of the river flowing while the birds chirp and keep moving across the river and the little sun rays falling over your face giving that warmth in the cold morning could just be a perfect morning of your life.

· A hike with a treat.

Yes, you heard it right. Hiking is one of the must activities which has to be undertaken once you are in an offbeat place for exploring it and what makes the hiking more beautiful and peaceful? Well, it’s the beautiful snowy capped mountains.

Take a ride to Jalori Pass in the valley, and then from there, an exciting journey begins of 2-3 hours with a wonderful treat at the end. Once you start hiking from jalori pass, you are going to witness a beautiful trail that is filled with mesmerizing views with beautiful pine trees along the way, to the trails getting slightly difficult with some ascends and then a gradual walk. While your sweating with the hike, take a pause and a deep breath and have a sip of water and stand at that moment for a while and feel the fresh air of the forests brushing towards your face, after 2-2.5 hour of hike, now comes the time for the treat i.e. you now witness the offbeat lake (Serene Serolsar Lake). The lake is so beautiful with amazing views and the water is so pure that it reflects the beautiful sky and the pine forest around, in addition to it you get to witness a small temple which has been devoted to Goddess Buddhin Nagin, the mother of 60 Nag devtas who is set to reside here. Well, the treatment does not end here if one is adventurous and filled with life, he/ she can also camp beside this beautiful lake and witness the “camping in the night under the billion stars

These were just some of the very little explorations of the hidden gem “Tirthan Valley” What are you waiting for? Pack your bags and explore this beautiful gem of mother earth.

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