The Emerald Islands of India

One of the 9 Union territories of our country is located at the Bay of Bengal. A very popular yet one of the most naturally beautiful places chosen for tourism, recreational and water adventure activities, mostly famous for Scuba-Diving which attracts diving enthusiasts from different parts of the globe.

· Any Guesses which is this place?

Well, I am sure you are guessing of Andaman and Nicobar Island as this place is famous throughout the world and every individual who is fond of travelling have jotted this destination down in their bucket list.

· Why is Andaman and Nicobar Island a popular tourist destination?

From witnessing the best beach of Asia, diverse islands, eye-capturing nature, beautiful sunsets to crazy water adventurous sports this place offers a wholesome experience. This beautiful place offers 572 islands in total out of which just 38 are inhabited. These islands have a very vast history, it is said and believed that 30,000 years ago were the times when the inhabitants first discovered this place and started their living.

A perfect place for beach lovers who wish to chill and relax down with a glass of wine experiencing the surreal feel of the calmful waves of the sea and the majestic blue sky.

· Looking for an island with some pristine beaches to chill and experience some adventure activities as well?

Below is one of the best and gorgeous Island for a wonderful wholesome experience:

Havelock Island:

Out of all the 572 islands this island is one of the most chosen and beautiful islands which will offer you the best picturesque and awe-striking views ever. This beautiful island is just a short 2-hour scenic drive from the capital city Port Blair.

One of the major highlights of this island is to visit Radhanagar Beach which is recognized as the Best Beach in Asia for providing such crystal and clean views of the water and beach, most of the beaches have turned off their beauty due to human interference, but this beach has still maintained its gorgeous beauty.

One could just calmly sit down and witness the beautiful sunrise and sunset with their comfort drinks, feel the calm air, let the sea waves touch your feet and make you have one of the most peaceful and calm experiences ever.

Are there any adventure activities which can be done?

Well, definitely yes. This island is famous for providing some of the best adventure activities offered in the entire territory.

Why doing an adventure activity is a must at this island for a lifetime unique experience?

Imagine diving into the beautiful crystal-clear water above the blue sky? Taking a deep exploration into the water, experiencing the beautiful marine life, moving like a dolphin with the calm waves across the water is just a heavenly experience.

Some of the best adventure activities that cannot be missed at this island are:

– Scuba-Diving


– Banana Ride


– Sea Walk

Some of the other top places for exploration are:

– Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park

– Mount Harriet National Park

– Barren Island

– Bharatpur Beach, Neil Island.

– Limestone Caves.

– Ross Island

-Cellular Jail

-North Bay Island.

If you are looking for a peaceful and adventure holiday, then this place has to be there on your bucket list for a unique and wholesome experience. Days filled with marine life and peaceful beaches all around will surely get you a much-needed break from the daily hustle-bustle of life and provide you with a lifetime of experience.

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